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The next day wasn’t so different than the first. Neither was the day after that. During training, Nova’s nerves were just building. If it hadn’t been for Beetee by her side, she didn’t think she’d have been able to make it through. But it was almost over. In fact, they were going to find out their training scores soon.

Frankly, Nova didn’t care. The scores were just numbers, and she didn’t trust them when it came to her survival in the actual arena.  Meanwhile, Beetee, again, had gone off. Where to, Nova didn’t know.

The man in question had gone to find Haymitch. The actual games were drawing near, and he had to talk to the man about their teaming up.

Upon reaching Haymitch’s room, Beetee knocked softly. “Abernathy?” He called. If they were going to talk one on one, he didn’t think they’d have much time. They’d need to discuss things quickly, while no one suspected they were gone.

Nova, alone, decided it might be a good time to get some rest. She hadn’t been sleeping well, and that wasn’t going to be good for her once the games started.

She got to her room and tried her best to fall asleep, but wasn’t too successful. After a few minutes she was up and out again, determined on finding something to do that would prove beneficial to her and Beetee. Perhaps talk to the girl on fire?

“Think about it, yeah?” Nova, a District 3 tribute, asked. It was a risky offer. Katniss knew Haymitch would decline immediately, especially after the girl’s attitude. Much to her surprise, he just grunted and signaled Katniss to follow him out.

Katniss nodded at the pair. Jogging, she caught up with her mentor in the hallway toward the tributes’ rooms.

"You’re not seriously thinking about teaming up with them, are you?" She asked.

"The girl’s strong." Haymitch’s voice was just above a low grumble. "The man may be useful."

Katniss looked at him strangely. “She’s a career, remember? You taught me to never trust careers. You may not be, but I’m trying to get home.” Her voice was harsh, more so then she realized. She decided to drop the subject.

They walked to their rooms in silence. There was more training to be done tomorrow. Different stations to practice in. Before parting ways, Haymitch called out to her.

"Look, I know they’re careers, but they may be good for us. The girl’s strong but I know you’re stronger. You’re getting out of this alive, and if that means making a few alliances, then so be it. Go get some sleep."

Katniss didn’t sleep.

Neither did Haymitch.

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Beetee had gone off somewhere, and Nova stood alone. It’d been so long since she’d done any of this, yet it was still painfully familiar. She hated it. She watched the other victors training when someone said her name. Her head turned in the direction she’d heard it, an eyebrow arched upward. A man from District 6 and…”Abernathy.” Beetee had reappeared next to her, his attention on Haymitch and the girl next to him. “Then that,” he said, “is the girl on fire.”  Without another word, Nova was on her way over to the pair, Beetee trailing along behind. If anyone was going to be of help, it’d be them. 

As they drew near, Nova lifted a hand and ran it through her hair (which, since her time in the games, she’d kept rather short). It was a nervous habit, and she caught herself, abruptly putting her hand down. The games didn’t allow for nervousness. Any weakness, and you would lose. At least, that was what she had learned. “Katniss Everdeen.” She said calmly, looking to the girl. “Heard a lot about you on the way here, though that probably doesn’t surprise you.” Beetee gave a nod to Haymitch, which Nova found a bit odd, for one reason or other. 

"Nova Emer, District 3. You as excited for the games as I am?" She asked, her tone lightly laced with sarcasm. Beetee took his turn to speak, saying, "Beetee. I was Nova’s mentor, in her year," he said, as if trying to point out they had something else in common. "how’s your training going?" He asked, and Nova could have laughed at his attempts to be casual. She couldn’t take this so lightly. They needed to come up with a plan, if they were both to stay alive.  

Nova looked from Katniss to Haymitch, then sighed. “I’m just going to be blunt,” she said finally. “I’m not planning on dying, and I’m sure you aren’t, either. Say we stick together. Us four. You made it work with your other tribute last year. The way I see it, we’d have a better chance with more of us.” Beetee placed a hand on her shoulder. Now was not the time to be talking about such things. “Think about it, yeah?” it was an extremely risky offer, but it was a chance Nova was willing to take. She wasn’t going to die, and there was no way she’d let Beetee down. 

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"Happy Hunger Games!" Katniss Everdeen despised those words. The words that broke families apart. The words that killed 23 innocent children each year. If she had to hear them one more time, she swears she’ll break. It’s a surprise she hasn’t already. She sat quietly next to her old mentor, Haymitch, playing with the loose strings on her reaping day dress. It was off to the Capitol. Again. But now, she knew there wasn’t a chance at getting back.

Haymitch Abernathy had been taking the stress differently. He thought the reaping was a blessing. Finally, something to do the job he couldn’t. It was the end, luckily enough. The train had stopped, and tributes were pouring out by the pairs. Being District 12, they were the last to be unloaded. All of it brought an unhappy sense of deja vu. They were brought to a room to meet their team. Nothing new, just halfhearted welcomes of people he had dealt with years ago.

A day later, it was time to start up training. Katniss walked with Haymitch to the training gym. It was almost routine to head to archery first. Haymitch trailed behind, staring at the floor. He scanned the room, looking for the ones that’ll be the threats in the Arena. The careers were easy to spot. A tall blonde man, a redhead girl, and a another girl. His eyes narrowed at the third.

"That’s Nova," An man, the male tribute from District 6, going by his uniform. "Don’t wanna mess with her. She’ll skin ya alive."

Haymitch glanced at the man. He grunted and walked to the archery station.

Katniss was out of arrows after the first fifteen minutes. By impulse, she turned to the camouflage station. An thread of ice stabbed at her chest when she saw the strange duo instead of her Peeta. She had to at least try to win, for him, for Prim, for Panem. Haymitch startled her when she turned back around. She let out a long breath.

"What’s the plan?" Katniss asked hopelessly, knowing the answer.

He glared at her. Seeing the expression on her face almost made him feel guilty. “Stay alive.”

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"Happy Hunger Games!" Nova’s eyes narrowed just so at the words. There was nothing happy about the Hunger Games. It wasn’t fair that she was here (it wasn’t fair that any of them were there, but the woman was especially irritated). She’d done all of this fourteen years ago. Never had she thought she’d be back, heading to the capitol to start training. It wasn’t fair. She’d had her turn. The woman glanced to her side, where the other victor from her district sat. Not only was he a victor, but he had been her mentor when she’d been reaped. His name was Beetee, and Nova had already decided he’d again be the victor if it came down to just them. 

They arrived at the capitol shortly, and they were brought into a room to meet their team. It was like a big nightmare, going back into this. Nova had kept herself far from anything having to do with the Hunger Games, refusing to even live in the Victor’s Village in District 3. Up until the ride there, she hadn’t known much about what had been going on. All she knew now was something vague about tributes from District 12 both surviving. It was something Nova hadn’t thought possible, and it was all thanks to this Everdeen girl and the boy she supposedly loved. Nova hadn’t bothered to ask for more details. She assumed the capitol’s spotlights would be all over the couple. But, there was no doubt Nova was curious about her. During her time in the games, yes, she’d survived. But not without the help of her fellow tribute. And despite what she’d hoped, he hadn’t survived. Everdeen and that Mellark boy both stayed alive. If there was a way to keep herself and her mentor alive, Nova figured her best shot was with the girl on fire.

"The other tribute isn’t the boy, though," Beetee was saying as they were making their way into a room with the other tributes. "It’s an older victor. Haymitch Abernathy." Nova arched a brow. The capitol hadn’t brought the couple in together? Odd. But those Gamemakers had tricks up their sleeves. Perhaps they were saving him for later. As for now, it would make Everdeen all the more dangerous. If she did love that boy, Nova had no doubt that she would not go down without a fight. They’d both survived. Nothing would stop her from winning this time, even with that Abernathy fellow involved. Beetee was still speaking, quietly, and Nova’s interest was piqued even more as he said, "He’s their mentor." Oh. So maybe something would become an obstacle. She didn’t know the relationship between mentor and tribute, but they were basically in the same situation. Nova looked at Beetee, then searched the crowd for any sign of the girl on fire and her mentor. This would be interesting.