There was a rap on the door. “Abernathy?” A familiar voice called out quietly. Haymitch was on his bed, halfway through a bottle of spirits he had smuggled out of the Dinning Hall. It took effort, but he made his way to the door. Upon opening it, he discovered Beetee standing there, alone. This would be interesting.

Katniss threw the plastic ball against the ceiling. Is he really be taking the offer seriously? All she knew was that, no matter what, she isn’t giving her trust to anyone. That fatal mistake is only made once. She was off on her aim and the ball flew off somewhere else in the room, knocking over a framed picture of the Capitol’s emblem. Moments later, an Avox, a man, came and cleaned up the shattered glass. Katniss wondered what the man could have done to have been condemned to such a fate. Once he left, she picked up the ball an began throwing it against a wall. A repeated rhythm formed. Over and over.

She decided to take matters into her own hands. In the morning, once the tributes were once again let out of their rooms, she’d go out and talk to this Nova girl. After the training scores went up, though. It’ll be interesting to know what she gets.

“Think about it, yeah?” Nova, a District 3 tribute, asked. It was a risky offer. Katniss knew Haymitch would decline immediately, especially after the girl’s attitude. Much to her surprise, he just grunted and signaled Katniss to follow him out.

Katniss nodded at the pair. Jogging, she caught up with her mentor in the hallway toward the tributes’ rooms.

"You’re not seriously thinking about teaming up with them, are you?" She asked.

"The girl’s strong." Haymitch’s voice was just above a low grumble. "The man may be useful."

Katniss looked at him strangely. “She’s a career, remember? You taught me to never trust careers. You may not be, but I’m trying to get home.” Her voice was harsh, more so then she realized. She decided to drop the subject.

They walked to their rooms in silence. There was more training to be done tomorrow. Different stations to practice in. Before parting ways, Haymitch called out to her.

"Look, I know they’re careers, but they may be good for us. The girl’s strong but I know you’re stronger. You’re getting out of this alive, and if that means making a few alliances, then so be it. Go get some sleep."

Katniss didn’t sleep.

Neither did Haymitch.

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"Happy Hunger Games!" Katniss Everdeen despised those words. The words that broke families apart. The words that killed 23 innocent children each year. If she had to hear them one more time, she swears she’ll break. It’s a surprise she hasn’t already. She sat quietly next to her old mentor, Haymitch, playing with the loose strings on her reaping day dress. It was off to the Capitol. Again. But now, she knew there wasn’t a chance at getting back.

Haymitch Abernathy had been taking the stress differently. He thought the reaping was a blessing. Finally, something to do the job he couldn’t. It was the end, luckily enough. The train had stopped, and tributes were pouring out by the pairs. Being District 12, they were the last to be unloaded. All of it brought an unhappy sense of deja vu. They were brought to a room to meet their team. Nothing new, just halfhearted welcomes of people he had dealt with years ago.

A day later, it was time to start up training. Katniss walked with Haymitch to the training gym. It was almost routine to head to archery first. Haymitch trailed behind, staring at the floor. He scanned the room, looking for the ones that’ll be the threats in the Arena. The careers were easy to spot. A tall blonde man, a redhead girl, and a another girl. His eyes narrowed at the third.

"That’s Nova," An man, the male tribute from District 6, going by his uniform. "Don’t wanna mess with her. She’ll skin ya alive."

Haymitch glanced at the man. He grunted and walked to the archery station.

Katniss was out of arrows after the first fifteen minutes. By impulse, she turned to the camouflage station. An thread of ice stabbed at her chest when she saw the strange duo instead of her Peeta. She had to at least try to win, for him, for Prim, for Panem. Haymitch startled her when she turned back around. She let out a long breath.

"What’s the plan?" Katniss asked hopelessly, knowing the answer.

He glared at her. Seeing the expression on her face almost made him feel guilty. “Stay alive.”